About Foto Fundraisers

Your Photos. Your Life.

Our goal at Foto Fundraisers is to get the photos off of your cellphone or laptop and out of your storage boxes and turn them into priceless stories and gifts. And as a parent of three, I believe we should pay it forward and donate 20% of each purchase to YOUR school or charity.

We all have photos, right? For me, my photos mean the world: they represent a moment in time I want to remember, a special occasion or spur of the moment experience to capture and treasure.

My photos are what inspired me to start Foto Fundraisers: when I lost my sister, Debbie, in April 2010 to cancer, I knew that photos were a way to celebrate her life, and I became passionate about creating a company that stands for empowering anyone and everyone to do whatever it is YOU want to do with YOUR photos.

So turn your photos into a lifetime of stories that your family and friends are waiting to enjoy, and fundraise in a flash with Foto Fundraisers. Enjoy!


Stephanie & The Foto Fundraisers Team

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