Ordering & Shipping - Terms & Conditions

By placing your order on customer agrees to the following terms and conditions:

Artwork and File Specifications: Orders received are expected to conform to Foto Fundraiser’s artwork and file specifications as stated on Foto Fundraiser’s website, product templates, sales documents, illustrations, photographs and descriptions. Foto Fundraisers accepts no responsibility for products purchased that do not conform to artwork and file specifications and, as such, those orders are not subject to replacement or return, nor liable for any damages.

Dye Sublimation Printing: By submitting an order customer agrees that due to the technical characteristics of dye sublimation printing, some minor variation in color may result across multiple product orders or different products. Customer also acknowledges that returns based on color variation issues will not be accepted due to the limitations of the sublimation process. In the unlikely occasion of a genuine product or printing malfunction, Foto Fundraisers maintains sole authority, in its sole and absolute discretion, whether a refund or reprint will be issued for the product.

User’s Rights to Artwork: Customer warrants to Foto Fundraisers, its successors and assigns, that customer is: 1) the sole author and/or owner of all images which user contracts with Foto Fundraisers to reproduce; 2) customer has obtained written consent and/or written license for reproduction of images from the owner(s) of the copyright; and 3) customer warrants that the reproduction of the image or images by Foto Fundraisers will not and does not infringe upon any copyright or trademark of a third party, or violate any other right of a third party. Customer agrees to defend and hold Foto Fundraisers harmless against any claim(s) against Foto Fundraisers in violation of this agreement, and customer agrees to indemnify Foto Fundraisers against any and all damages, including attorneys’ fees and costs, incurred and/or sustained by reason of violation of any of these warranties. Foto Fundraisers reserves the right to not produce content that we, in our sole discretion, deem abusive, defamatory, obscene, or in violation of copyright or Trademark Laws.

Price: All prices are subject to change without notice. The price of the goods of any specific purchase order shall be the current price at date of purchase. All prices exclude Foto Fundraiser’s charges for packaging and transport. Price is exclusive of any applicable value added tax, excise tax, sales tax or levies of a similar nature which are imposed or charged by any competent fiscal authority which customer shall be additionally liable to pay to Foto Fundraisers. Cancellation: Orders placed through Foto Fundraiser’s website may not be cancelled or revised once order is submitted. Orders submitted through Foto Fundraiser’s website should be considered complete and not subject to cancellation or modification of artwork. Customer acknowledges responsibility to pay for any and all orders once order is submitted to Foto Fundraisers

Defects and Returns: Products that have been personalized may not be returned or exchanged. If on delivery, any of the goods are defective in any material respect (i.e., broken, damaged, etc.), the customer must give written notice of such defect to Foto Fundraisers by contacting customer service at within seven (7) business days of such delivery. Foto Fundraisers maintains the sole option as to whether or not to replace the defective goods within four (4) days of receiving the customer’s written notice. Foto Fundraisers shall be under no liability with respect to any defect arising from fair wear and tear or any willful damage, negligence or misuse/abuse of the product.

Shipping Policy: All items will ship within 3-7 business days (this policy is applicable to all shipping methods), except at busy periods when this may be extended for a reasonable period of time without notice. Any orders that are placed after 8:00 a.m. EST will be processed the following business day. We do not ship partial orders, your order will be packaged for shipment when all items are ready for shipment. Delivery of the order shall be made by Foto Fundraisers to the place in the United States specified in the user’s order. Foto Fundraisers shall not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss, costs, damages, charges or expenses caused directly or indirectly by any delay in the delivery of the order. Risk of damage to or loss of the order shall pass to the customer at the time the order leaves our premises.

Not-for-Profit Status: As a general rule, fundraising organizations should possess a not-for-profit status, or represent an organization or group that has a recognized not-for-profit status by the appropriate governing agency and make every effort to obtain documentation which supports this status.
In all cases, the organization acknowledges that all funds raised will be used to promote the betterment of the local community or non-profit cause through direct educational, medical, cultural, or humanitarian means. The fundraising organization further acknowledges that no funds will be used for the benefit of an individual or non-related expense. Foto Fundraiser’s fundraising activities are not available for for-profit groups, political organizations, or groups outside the continental United States.
Foto Fundraisers maintains an “at will” relationship with each organization, and reserves the right to deny its services to any group that does not meet the above criteria or whose mission is not consistent with these guidelines at any time.

Online Fundraisers: Foto Fundraisers is providing fundraising organizations with access to our online shopping and fundraising site. Shopper will enter to access the website. Fundraising Organization Name will provided by through an online drop-down menu. Selection of Organization Name is required to allocate 20% proceeds to said organization. Donation checks for online sales are processed and mailed directly to Fundraising Organization every 30 days for shipped orders.

Sales Tax: Online orders are not included in sales tax exemption. Local sales tax rates will apply on all online orders placed. Tax percentage charged per online order is based on the “ship to”’ state of the online order. Only bulk orders of 25 or more products, shipped directly to the Organization, are eligible for sales tax-exempt status. In this case, Organization must provide a copy of their tax-exempt documentation prior to placing order for shipment of 25 or more products directly to the school.

Group, Teacher, Class or Seller Identification: Organization may raise funds for an entire organization. In addition, Organization may further designate orders placed and funds raised according to a specific group, teacher, class or seller. In order to do so, Organization must designate the specific names of the group, teacher, class or seller at the time of Checkout in order for sales to be designated accordingly. Foto Fundraisers takes no responsibility for breakout of sales unless Organization specifies the name of the teacher, team or group upon fundraiser registration.